NIDHI Centre of Excellence (NIDHI-CoE)

NIDHI-CoE has been in operation since Nov 2021. NIDHI Centre of Excellence provides an enabling environment for start-ups to enhance prospects of their success and helps them go global. It provides incubation support to new technology/knowledge/innovation-based impact making start-ups. It presents cost-effective, value-added services to start-ups like mentoring, legal, financial, technical, intellectual property related services, and enables access to specialized simulation software, Electronics Prototyping laboratory, and Mechanical Prototyping Laboratory.

Simulation Softwares-

Usage of Altair software is complementary for the startups incubating at FITT.IIT Delhi. For access to any Altair software contact on email:

1 Digital Storage Oscilloscope 50MHz band width,1 GS/s sample rate, 2 channel
2 Vector Signal Analyzer USB, Real time signal analyzer, 9 kHz-6.2GHz
3 Frequency Counter Timer, counter, analyzer, 300 MHz, 100 PS, Std. time base
4 Mixed Domain Oscilloscope 200 MHz, 4 Analog channels, 10M record length
5 Logic Probe Add (16) Digital channels with P63 16 logic probe to MD03 series oscilloscope
6 Digital Analog Trainer Analog - Digital Lab trainer with on board AC & DC power Supplies, sine, square & TTL generator, 8 Bit Data Switches for input, 8-bit LED display for output, 6 Potentiometers, Speaker for continuity, breadboard for Circuit formation
7 Photo Tachometer Non-Contact Digital Tachometer (1 to 99,999 RPM)
8 Digital Clamp Meter 4000 Count 1000 A, AC clamp meter with rotating Jaw
9 AC, DC Power Analyzer Single phase AC, DC power analyzer, 20 Ampere
10 Digital Oscilloscope 100 MHz bandwidth,1 GS/s sample rate, 2 channel
11 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope 200 MHz bandwidth,1 GS/s sample rate16 channel
12 Sweep Function Generator 2 channels,125MS/s,25MhzSine waveform 14 bits
13 Digital Multimeter Digital Multimeter with Frequency & capacitance measure, Terminal blocking Facility
14 DC Power Supply manual Triple Channel DC Power Supply, 2*30v/3A,1*5v/3A
15 Portable Rework Station 80 W mini soldering station
16 LCR Meter Capacitance- range: 200pf/2nf/20nf/200nf/2μf/20μf/200μf/2000μf, accuracy: plus or minus(2.5 percent plus 5 digit), resolution: 0.1pf
17 Power Supply manual Triple Channel DC Power Supply, 2*30v/3A,1*5v/5A
18 Current Probes MIC SIG oscilloscope PROBE 800KHZ10A/100A with standard BNC INTERFACE

Tariff for usage of the equipments in Electronics Prototyping Lab :

  • use of AC, DC Power Analyzer imposes usage charge- INR 25/hour
  • use of Vector Signal Analyzer imposes usage charge-INR 25/hour

Usage of rest of all the above equipments is complementary for the startups incubating at FITT. For access to equipments at Electronics Prototyping Laboratory contact on email:

Tariff for usages of PCB Facility in Electronics Prototyping Lab -

FITT Charges
Facility Equipment/ Facility Academic Institutes, and Start-Ups (Material Cost + Others)
Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Fabrication 1 to 2 layer PCB fabrication (upto A5 size) INR 3000 + 18% GST
Circuit printing on flexible substrates to A5 size) INR 6000 + 18% GST
Printed Circuit Board (PCB) 1 to 2 layer PCB fabrication (A4 size) INR 4600 + 18% GST

List of equipments at Mechanical Prototyping Laboratory -

1 3D PRINTER-BCN3D Epsilon W50
2 Mitre Saw
3 Angle Grinder
4 Bench Grinder
5 Handsaw Bow
6 Stand Drill Machine
7 Table Saw
8 Reciprocating Saw
9 Jig Saw
10 Orbit Sander
11 Combination Pliers
12 Allen key set
13 Monkey Plier
14 Screw Driver Set
15 Marble Cutter
16 Outside Micrometre
17 Thickness Gauge
18 Radius Gauge
19 Die Grinder
20 Vernier Height Gauge
21 Granite Surface Plate
22 Taper Gauge
23 C Clamp
24 Bench Vice
25 Try Square
26 Mechanical Socket Set (26 PC)
27 Mechanical Socket Set (46 PC)
28 Ring Set 08
29 Adjustable Wrench 10"
30 Hammer 300 g
31 Hammer 1 kg
32 Rubber Hammer
33 Flat File 10"
34 File 8"
35 Mallet Hammer 30mm
36 Pipe wrench 12"
37 Universal Wrench
38 C.S Blade 4x30 T
39 Socket SET
40 Sand Paper
41 Tap set
42 Wire Stripper Cutter
43 Mitutoyo Digital Vernier Calliper (0-150 mm)
44 Universal Bevel Protractor
45 Metal Inert Gas (MIG) Welding m/c
46 Inverter Welding m/c
47 Hand router
48 Jigs soldier
49 Magnet clamp
50 Tig Welding
51 Air compresser
52 Pant Gun
53 Air Gun
54 Nail Gun
55 Air Scew Driver
56 Cordless Drill
57 Planer
58 Die Grinder
59 scroll saw
60 Band saw
61 Cordless chainsaw
62 Metal shear
63 angle grinder
64 vacuum cleaner
65 bench vice
66 cut off saw
67 nibler
68 Thermoforming Machine
69 Humidity Cabinet
70 Dermal Tool

Tariff for usage of the equipments in Mechanical Prototyping Lab :

I. usage of 3D Printer:

1. Running (Printing) Cost - INR 60/hour

2. Material Cost

Material Qty(gm) Total Cost Cost/gm
PLA White 750 3700 6
Tough PLA Black 750 4100 7
BVOH Natural 500 6300 13
ABS Natural 750 4000 7
PHAT CF Black 750 9030 18
SS 316L 3000 40000 18
SS 174 PH 3000 40000 18

3. Discounted Rate

  • Discount of 0% on total monthly bill up to INR 3000
  • Discount of 5% on total monthly bill up to INR 6000
  • Discount of 10% on total monthly bill up to INR 12000
  • Discount of 15% on total monthly bill up to INR 18000
  • Discount of 20% on total monthly bill up to INR 24000

II. For access to other equipments at Mechanical Prototyping Laboratory contact on email:


FITT is supporting Bioincubation through the Biotechnology Business Incubation facility, setup under the BISS (BioNEST) program of BIRAC. The facility has been operational since the last quarter of 2014 and has incubated many biotech innovators, startups and BIG funded companies.

Some Notable startups from the Bio-Incubator that have launched products are:

  • Wrig Nanosystems
  • Flexmotiv
  • Cutting Edge Medical Devices
  • Clensta International
  • Redroom Technologies
  • Machphy Solutions
  • Stellargene Technologies
  • Nanosafe Solutions
  • Testright Nanosystems
  • Nanoclean Global

Overview of BioNEST activities

  • Incubation Space available: The Biotechnology Business Incubation facility is currently a small space of 3500 sq. Ft. with a capacity to support up to 14 Innovators/startups at a time.
  • Startups supported: In the last five years for which the facility has been operational, 38 Innovators and startups in different domains related to Biotechnology have been incubated (List shared in Annexure-n).
  • Impact in numbers: Out of these, 24 startups have graduated and have launched various products into the market. These startups jointly filed more than 30 IPs, and some are in an advanced stage of product development. The startups also created >200 Jobs and raised funds to the tune of >50 Cr. The Incubator also created jobs, and three full-time staff are dedicatedly working with the BioNEST in its phase-1.
  • Impact on the innovation ecosystem: The Incubator also created a lot of value addition by promoting entrepreneurship in all the corners of the country through various interactions. FITT guides newly opened incubators and universities regarding their policies, outreach, and awareness sessions for different funding and other support systems in the innovation ecosystem. Many of the resident startups at the Incubator came up with interventions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in a brief period, and the Incubator extended all the possible support to them with high priority.
  • Stages of incubatee startups: In the first phase, the Incubator supported ideation to Proof-of-concept stage startups (TRL 2 to TRL 6) with a physical incubation, while startups that do not require product development facilities are backed in virtual incubation mode. The average incubation period provided to these startups is two years, extendable based on the reasonable requirements.
  • Other soft Services extended: FITT works in various aspects of technology commercialization and provides end-to-end support for academic startups and first-gen-entrepreneurs. As a general practice, all startups are linked to a faculty member at the IIT Delhi to facilitate technical mentoring and connect with the Institute. There is also support available to refine business plans and prepare them for various funding and investment opportunities. IPR and tech transfer support are the strengths of FITT, and now the same is extended to startups to have in-house guidance on these aspects.
  • Funding options available: FITT also manages various funding programs for startups and that too at different stages of their development cycle, starting right from ideation, immersion and extending to their market entry and expansion.

The BioNEST@IITD scale up is planned in a dedicated area of 20,000 sq. ft. (+ shared facilities) at the Research and Innovation Park in the IIT Delhi Campus. The 4th floor of the Building shall be dedicated to the BioNEST Facility. Apart from this, there will be shared spaces for events, conferences, and meetings in the same Building.

Infrastructure - It is proposed to develop three main facilities under this incubation unit:

  • Fabrication Lab
  • Calibration Lab
  • Common Bio-Lab

Workflows in the Bio-Lab

  • Cell and Microbial culture with Facilities for Media preparation, Sterilization, Biosafety cabinets, microscopes, cell imager, Bioreactors and incubators, storage facilities.
  • Molecular Biology workflow with Cell imager, Nanodrop, PCR, liquid handling system, gel apparatus and gel doc., (Electroporator may be purchased later, Cell sorter may be used at IIT Delhi central facility).
  • Downstream processing with TFF, Akta Purifiers, western blotting system.
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