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Compiler AI

Compiler AI specialises in software verification tools that automatically generate proofs and/or counterexample traces to validate software code. These tools are based on sophisticated AI-based algorithms within a compiler. The compiler generates correctness proofs for the binary executable code, and not just the source code.

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Dweepi InnovationsPrivate Limited

Dweepi Innovations have cross-skill development of Circuits, Embedded software, Sensor integration, IC communication, Microcontroller programming, Application programming, Web integration, App development

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Mobisec Technologies Private Limited

Mobisec is a deep technology-driven startup in the cybersecurity domain with a focus on mobile app & device (smartphone/ tablet) security.

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Tadpole Projects Private Limited

Tadpole aims to provide affordable and clean energy conveyance solutions to the masses focusing on waste management and power efficiency at the same time. Their aim is to add electric vehicles without even adding new vehicles to the roads.

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Calvem Energy Private Limited

Calvem Energy Private Limited is developing high-performance electric powertrains (Motor + controller) for Light Electric Vehicles.

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Dash Dynamic

Dash dynamic is developing wireless charging technology for EVs.

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Surface Moto Private Limited

Surface Moto is a consumer EV startup that aims to design, develop and manufacture micro-electric vehicles for the urban commute.

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Creatara Mobility Private Limited

Creatara has developed the world's 1st adaptive modular platform in the electric 2-wheeler (E2W) segment. They have developed the vehicle from the ground up with innovative battery-UX and unparalleled safety features.

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Geliose Mobility Private Limited

Geliose Technologies is engaged in designing energy-efficient, passenger-convenient and cost-effective electric vehicles for public transport.

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Fruvetech Private Limited

Fruvetech Private Limited is an Agri-based startup developing a device to enhance the shelf life of fruits using an innovative idea. The startup offers fruits and vegetable storage systems with new technology that guarantees energy-efficient, high-quality storage solutions that are adjustable to specific needs and conditions.

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Recaff Private Limited

Recaff Private Limited is building a coffee waste bio-refinery by diverting spent coffee grounds from current inefficient treatment methods and extracting the maximum possible value out of it, all by using green technologies.

Incipient Materials Private Limited

Incipient Materials aims to facilitate development of smart textile materials for various applications.

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Naveli India Biotech

Naveli India Biotech is working in the domain of menstrual hygiene.

Quanteon Powertrain Private Limited

Quanteon Powertrain Private Limited offers powertrain solution to the automobile OEMs which includes enabling them to remove friction pads based brakes and gearbox with a simple axial-flux-in-wheel-motor-hub in each / part wheel of the EV for new (P4 level) or retro-fitment models.

Celligo Natural Fibers Private Limited

Celligo Natural Fibres (CNF) Pvt. Ltd is a Tech-based StartUp that produce Biodegradable Super-Absorbent Cloth/Sheets/Inserts for Disposal and Reusable Pads to improve Menstrual and Environmental hygiene.

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PlusQO Corporation Private Limited

GreenIPCore is an innovation-driven fabless semiconductor company. They are developing and improving the reliability of Digital System IPs, Subsystem IPs, Communication IPs, Processing IPs, Security IPs, and SoCs.

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Intellicon Technologies Private Limited

Intellicon Technologies working on Made In India indigenous technology development in the world of E-mobility

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P3C Technology and Solutions Private Limited

P3C can be abbreviated as Photovoltaic and photovoltaic processing components. It develops new generation photovoltaics and the associated components, to make electricity affordable to every single person on this planet.

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Vecros Technologies Private Limited

VECROS is developing software & Hardware for aerial robots, so they can operate in GPS-denied environments, without human control, prior information, or pre-existing infrastructure (e.g. no motion capture system).

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Fabiosis Innovations

Fabiosys Innovations developed Fabium - a high-performance fabric that destroys around 99.9% of bacteria & viruses in 30 minutes.

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Genelek Technologies Private Limited

GenElek Technologies is a health-tech company developing exoskeletons for the specially-abled.

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Carditek Medical Device Private Limited

Carditek Medical Devices Private Limited presents a disruptive technology, Sydantek which is the world's first wireless smallest wearable 12 lead ECG with no learning curve and reusable sensors: Clinically, electrically equivalent.

CYRAN AI Solutions Private Limited

Cyran AI Solutions Private Limited builds advanced hardware-software technology solutions in the domains of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cyber-Physical Security.

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Andromeida Maritime Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Andromeida Maritime Solutions is developing Marine Autonomous Robots, Services and Communities for their stakeholders and customers concerning the water ecosystem.

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Papli Labs Pvt. Ltd.

‘Novae Avenue’ is an AI-based real-time road analytics system that delivers intelligence for safety and security in mobility.

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Hexense Labs Pvt. Ltd.

Hexense Labs Private Limited is working in the segment of connected cars and modular smart car devices.

Cappatery Pvt. Ltd.

Capattery is a pioneer in ultra-fast charging battery technology. They have developed the patent-pending, graphene-based, hybrid battery technology that can fully charge the battery in seconds.

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Motorama EV Pvt. Ltd.

MOTORAMA is developing a 2-Wheeler Low-Speed Electric Vehicle Motor for Bicycle application. The team is developing it without the use of rare earth magnets to make 100% MADE IN INDIA MOTOR for EV Application.

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Wireless 4 Scale Labs Pvt. Ltd.

Wireless 4 scale is into development of 5G and beyond communication technology-based products / solutions.

Accord Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

Accord Innovations is focused on tackling the biggest challenges in healthcare by developing the next generation of medical devices with smart sensors and artificial intelligence. They are developing a predictive technology platform for the early detection of critical illnesses like Acute Kidney Injury.

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Prenishq Pvt. Ltd.

Prenishq Private Limited is a pioneering manufacturer of key components for quantum technology advancements, including External Cavity Diode Lasers (ECDLs), temperature and current controllers, laser locking modules, Magneto Optical Traps (MoTs), and qubits.

Vayuguard Climate Tech Pvt. Ltd.

VAYUGUARD CLIMATE TECH is a company that provides a wide range of Air Purification products under the brand name VAYUGUARD. Vayuguard is working in the field of Climate Tech to provide Guard against the "Silent Killer" Pollution.

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Medic Tech Pvt. Ltd.

MedicTech has developed a unified platform (Advance materials manufacturing machine) i.e. an automatic machine for the synthesis of different types of nanomaterials that should be able to provide an easy, fast, cost-effective, flexible, reachable and round the clock solution.

Shudhvayu Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Shudhvayu Technologies has patented innovation which helps in reducing the air pollution across the city. It will clean ambient air. They have developed next age technology of air purification to clean inside air also.

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AHODS Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.

AHODS (Advanced Hydrogen On Demand System) Technologies is an ESG startup, founded in 2017. Their proprietary technology is used in Gensets and IC engines to reduce its running cost, carbon emission and increase profitability. They are bringing a clean and green mobility revolution in India and the global automotive industry.

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Tensor Dynamics Pvt. Ltd.

A Climate data & analytics company enabling climate and weather-affected industries with cutting-edge solutions using core concepts of atmospheric sciences and deep learning techniques.

Enthudes Design Pvt. Ltd.,

Portable and Minimally Invasive Device to Treat Pneumothorax, Hydropneumothorax and Hemothorax.

Cluix Pvt. Ltd.

CLUIX is a deep-tech startup that aims to monitor and minimize the consumption of undetectable contaminants in drinking water. They have developed a Hand-held multi-parameter Water Quality Analyzer that can test 8 critical parameters of drinking water and share data with the WQMS - Water Quality Monitoring & Surveillance of Jal Jeevan Mission for quality control.

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Compiler AI Labs Pvt. Ltd.

Compiler AI specializes in software verification tools that automatically generate proofs and/or counterexample traces to validate software code. These tools are based on sophisticated AI-based algorithms within a compiler. The technology generates correctness proofs for the binary executable code and not just the source code.

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IWAYPLUS offers a solution to generate geocoded indoor maps and positioning signatures for large indoor spaces such as Hospitals, Airports, Academic Campuses, Malls etc. Our technology can help businesses track and manage staff, assets, and crowds. For visitors, IWAYPLUS offers personalized wayfinding assistance to enhance their experience.

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Techorizon Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Techhorizon is a leading provider of web development, mobile app development, web design, and content management systems, helping businesses create impactful online experiences.

Aegion Aerospace Pvt. Ltd.

Aegion Aerospace crafts advanced coatings for high-performance metals and materials, develops blockchain-powered virtual simulation tools for military training, and manufactures precision aerospace components.

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