Theme based Ideas in “MSME Idea Hackathon 2.0” are being invited from Students, Innovators, and MSMEs from all over India under the scheme of the Office of Development Commissioner – Incubation Component of MSME Innovative Scheme under the umbrella of MSME Champions Scheme.


  • To promote all forms of innovations in the complete value chain from developing ideas into innovative applications through incubation and design interventions.
  • To provide appropriate facilities and support for the development of the concept to market, design competitiveness and protection & commercialization of Intellectual creating the ons the of MSME sector.
  • To promote a culture of innovation and creative problem solving through knowledge sharing and collaboration amongst industry, academia, government institutions, research laboratories etc.
  • To serve as a connecting link between industrial/academia leaders and innovators, in order to encourage new product development and hand-holding.
  • To focus on developing affordable innovations that can benefit a large number of people and at the same time be commercially viable and sustainable.

Host Institutes

The Host Institutions (HI) approved for the scheme will be supported by the Office of DC-MSME. The selected ideas will be provided funding support for nurturing and development of the idea up to Rs. 15 lakhs per approved idea, through the Host Institutes chosen by them.


The Scheme covered the following themes:

  • (Agriculture) Digital Agriculture
  • (Agriculture) Organic composting
  • (Health) Low-cost Indigenous Digital Healthcare System
  • (Health) Potable Water Solutions
  • (Power/IT) E-Festival
  • (Power/IT) E-vehicles
  • (Power/IT) AVGC (Animation, Visual, Gaming& Comics)
  • (Power/IT) Cloud Computing
  • (Service) Supply Chain Management Solutions
  • (Service) Eco-friendly & Sustainable furniture
  • (Service) Safety in Transportation & Industry
  • (Service) Disaster Management
  • (Misc.) Alternative Material for Single Use Plastic
  • (SUP)
  • (Misc.) Sustainable fashion
  • (Misc.) Waste to Wealth creation, Circular solutions & waste management

Components of the scheme

MSME Innovative scheme has 3 components:

  • Incubation
  • Design
  • IPR


How to Apply
  • Applicants shall submit each of their idea(s) to only one HI.
  • The ideas already submitted in the earlier Hackathons should not be submitted again. Such ideas will be rejected.
  • The applicants who are selecting the student category should upload a valid current student ID which is valid during the year 2022-23.
  • The applicants are instructed to read MSME Innovative Scheme guidelines at and the FAQs at thoroughly before submitting the idea.
  • The Incubatees of the selected ideas shall develop the idea in the premises of HI chosen by them only under the mentorship appointed by HI.
Process flow of approval:
  • Idea submission on portal (
  • First stage screening at HI
  • Forwarding of idea
  • Evaluation and selection of idea by Domain Expert Selection Committee (DESC)
  • Recommendation of selected ideas for approval
  • Project Monitoring and Advisory Committee (PMAC) approves the idea for financial assistance
Fund Support:

Financial support up to Rs. 15.00 lakh to HI for nurturing of an idea. This support will be given in two instalments of 70 % and 30%.

Assistance / Support:
  • Incubatee can get support from BI on all issues related to technology, innovation, mentor, plant & machinery required for nurturing of idea
  • If any facilities of plant & machinery which are essential for nurturing of idea and same are not available in HI/BI, then incubate can utilize the facilities of machines available in other places. Incubatee can utilize these facilities on pay as usage basis through HI/BI only.


  • The objective of this component is to bring the Indian manufacturing sector and Design expertise/ Design fraternity onto a common platform. It aims to provide expert advice and cost-effective solution to real-time design problems for new product development, its continuous improvement and value addition in existing/new products
  • The Design scheme will help MSMEs to avail advice on all aspects of design. It helps MSMEs realize and achieve their design-related objectives. This specialist advice will be provided by experienced designers for new product development as well as for enhancing existing product portfolios.
Financial Assistance
  • To facilitate MSMEs to develop new design strategies and or design-related products through interventions and consultancy.
  • Financial assistance under this activity will be utilised for the engagement of design consultants for design interventions and expenses pertaining to the development of prototype/product. For the design projects approved for any MSME, 75% (Micro) and 60% (Small & Medium) of the total project cost will be contributed by GoI up to a maximum of Rs. 40 lakhs and the remaining project cost will be borne by MSMEs and deposited to the IA
  • Student Project - - This component supports the design work of bonafide students by providing financial assistance up to Rs. 2.5 lakh. For the student design projects approved for any MSME,75% of the total project cost will be contributed by GoI up to a maximum of Rs. 2.5 lakh and the remaining project cost will be borne by MSME and deposited to the IA.


Activities /Benefits under IPR components
  • activities /Benefits under IPR components
  • Setting up of ‘IP Facilitation Centre for MSME
Funding Support:
Indian patent: Upto Rs.1.00 lakh
Foreign patent: Upto Rs.5.00 lakh
GIs: Upto Rs.2.00 lakh
Trademarks: Upto Rs.0.10 lakh
Design: Upto Rs.0.15 lakh

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