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NIDHI Centre of Excellence (NIDHI-CoE)

NIDHI-CoE has been in operation since Nov 2021. NIDHI Centre of Excellence provides an enabling environment for start-ups to enhance prospects of their success and helps them go global. It provides incubation support to new technology/knowledge/innovation-based impact making start-ups. It presents   cost-effective, value-added services to start-ups like mentoring, legal, financial, technical, intellectual property related services, and enables access to specialized simulation software, Electronics Prototyping laboratory, and Mechanical Prototyping Laboratory.

Simulation Softwares-

Usage of Altair software is complementary for the startups incubating at FITT.IIT Delhi. For access to any Altair software contact on email:

List of equipments at Electronics Prototyping Laboratory-

1Digital Storage Oscilloscope50MHz band width,1 GS/s sample rate, 2 channel
2Vector Signal AnalyzerUSB, Real time signal analyzer, 9 kHz-6.2GHz
3Frequency CounterTimer, counter, analyzer, 300 MHz, 100 PS, Std. time base
4Mixed Domain Oscilloscope200 MHz, 4 Analog channels, 10M record length
5Logic ProbeAdd (16) Digital channels with P63 16 logic probe to MD03 series oscilloscope
6Digital Analog TrainerAnalog – Digital Lab trainer with on board AC & DC power Supplies, sine, square & TTL generator, 8 Bit Data Switches for input, 8-bit LED display for output, 6 Potentiometers, Speaker for continuity, breadboard for Circuit formation
7Photo TachometerNon-Contact Digital Tachometer (1 to 99,999 RPM)
8Digital Clamp Meter4000 Count 1000 A, AC clamp meter with rotating Jaw
9AC, DC Power AnalyzerSingle phase AC, DC power analyzer, 20 Ampere
10Digital Oscilloscope100 MHz bandwidth,1 GS/s sample rate, 2 channel
11Mixed Signal Oscilloscope200 MHz bandwidth,1 GS/s sample rate16 channel
12Sweep Function Generator2 channels,125MS/s,25MhzSine waveform 14 bits
13Digital MultimeterDigital Multimeter with Frequency & capacitance measure, Terminal blocking Facility
14DC Power Supplymanual Triple Channel DC Power Supply, 2*30v/3A,1*5v/3A
15Portable Rework Station80 W mini soldering station

Tariff for usage of the equipments in Electronics Prototyping Lab:

I. Use of AC, DC Power Analyzer imposes usage charge- INR 25/hour

II. Use of Vector Signal Analyzer imposes usage charge-INR 25/hour

Usage of rest of all the above equipments is complementary for the startups incubating at FITT. For access to equipments at Electronics Prototyping Laboratory contact on email:

List of equipments at Mechanical Prototyping Laboratory-

13D PRINTER-BCN3D Epsilon W50
2Mitre Saw
3Angle Grinder
4Bench Grinder
5Handsaw Bow
6Stand Drill Machine
7Table Saw
8Reciprocating Saw
9Jig Saw
10Orbit Sander
11Combination Pliers
12Allen key set
13Monkey Plier
14Screw Driver Set
15Marble Cutter
16Outside Micrometre
17Thickness Gauge
18Radius Gauge
19Die Grinder
20Vernier Height Gauge
21Granite Surface Plate
22Taper Gauge
23C Clamp
24Bench Vice
25Try Square
26Mechanical Socket Set (26 PC)
27Mechanical Socket Set (46 PC)
28Ring Set 08
29Adjustable Wrench 10″
30Hammer 300 g
31Hammer 1 kg
32Rubber Hammer
33Flat File 10″
34File 8″
35Mallet Hammer 30mm
36Pipe wrench 12″
37Universal Wrench
38C.S Blade 4×30 T
39Socket SET
40Sand Paper
41Tap set
42Wire Stripper Cutter
43Mitutoyo Digital Vernier Calliper (0-150 mm)
44Universal Bevel Protractor
45Metal Inert Gas (MIG) Welding m/c
46Inverter Welding m/c

Tariff for usage of the equipments in Mechanical Prototyping Lab:

I. Usage of 3D Printer:

1. Running (Printing) Cost – INR 50/hour

2. Material Cost

MaterialQty (gm)Cost (INR)Cost /gm (INR)
PLA White75026243.5
Tough PLA Black75033604.5
BVOH Natural50063001.6
ABS Natural75033604.5
PHAT CF Black750903012.0
SS 316L30004000013.3
SS 174PH30004000013.3

3. Discounted Rate

A. Discount of 0% on total monthly bill up to INR 3000

B. Discount of 5% on total monthly bill up to INR 6000

C. Discount of 10% on total monthly bill up to INR 12000 

D. Discount of 15% on total monthly bill up to INR 18000 

E. Discount of 20% on total monthly bill up to INR 24000  

II. For access to other equipments at Mechanical Prototyping Laboratory contact on email: