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SPARSH SIIP Program Work-Flow:

The 18 months fellowship starts from the Pre-Immersion Orientation and Induction phase. The work flow of the program is as follows:

1. Recruitment & Selection of Social Innovator Fellows:

The SPARSH Centres complete the process of selection of a maximum of five SPARSH fellows within 2 months of approval from BIRAC. The candidates should have a basic understanding of the theme and should be capable of undertaking product/technology development processes independently. Training on various aspects of entrepreneurship will be provided to the selected candidates however any such experience in the past is desirable.

2. Pre-Immersion orientation & Induction:

Once the fellows are selected, SPARSH partners will brief the fellows about objectives & expected outcomes of the program as well as provide necessary tools and guidance to identify existing gaps & needs in the identified thematic area. SPARSH knowledge partner will organize pre-Immersion workshop for the SPARSH fellows.

3. Immersion Program:

The “immersion” component of the program is for a period of 5- 6 months. During this period the social innovators will be exposed to different environments and will be expected to identify multitudes of needs and conduct detailed ethnography and need assessment studies of different communities. Rural or Urban resource poor community immersion will expose them to cultural aspects and other pain points faced by a community.

BIRAC expects a written report from each of the fellows at the end of the immersion program about the experiences and summary of the Ideas generated during the Immersion.

4. Post Immersion Filtration:

On completion of the immersion component, fellows are expected to do desk research to understand various solutions explored and list out all the gaps & need analysis carried out during immersion. The Social Innovators must come out with a detailed report on the 2-3 final ideas shortlisted by them and are expected to submit to BIRAC a detailed plan of action for taking identified gap/need to the next stage either in terms of product design or delivery component with at least two milestone stages.

SPARSH knowledge partner will organize a Post Immersion workshop for the fellows in collaboration with BIRAC and SPARSH implementation partner.

5.Product Design, Prototyping and Delivery Mechanism:

This stage will provide the live prototype development environment or planning a delivery implementation to the Social innovators. The detailed plan of action submitted by the applicant will be reviewed by the Partner and a report for release of grant will be submitted to BIRAC. On submission of the plan, BIRAC will then release the mini kickstart grant of INR 500,000 in two stages of (INR 250000 each time) routed via the partner. If two or more fellows wish to work together as a team on developing a single identified need, they can combine their mini kick-start grants. Once BIRAC approval has been provided for a joint project, it cannot be reversed.

The  SPARSH partner will help connect the fellows to product designers and engineers and various design labs during this period. SPARSH Centre will also provide access to its own tinkering labs to the Social innovators. For more information –