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 At Boeing, we drive innovation that transforms the world today and tomorrow. With the growth and potential in the Indian entreprenuerial ecosystem, Boeing is committed to nurturing innovation and skill development in India, and offer further impetus to the burgeoning start-up ecosystem.

To drive that vision, the Boeing Company is partnering with FITT, IIT DELHI to engage with innovators such as you, and help you get the necessary knowledge and expertise to refine your ideas and develop your investor pitches.

The Boeing University Innovation Leadership Development Program (BUILD) is India’s unique aerospace innovation, leadership, and talent development program; designed for graduated students and budding entrepreneurs

BUILD is open to students graduating or graduated in the year 2022 and early stage start-ups/entrepreneurs across the country. Boeing and its partners bring you an opportunity to:

Compete with your peers for a chance to travel to a Boeing site, present your idea to an eminent jury, and win ₹10 lakh worth in prize money!

Do you have a cool idea? Do you want to check if it has business potential and develop your investor pitch? Is your idea related to one of these themes?

What stops you?

If you have a start-up that is in ideation stage (no funding or customers) or a recently graduated engineering student you can apply for the BUILD program.

For more information on the program and for any queries download the FAQs here – or reach out to

Program Timeline

Frequently Asked Questions and answers


  1. What should we choose as our region?
    Answer: If you are a student graduating this year, choose the region in which your college is located. If your team has a group of graduating students from more than one college in more than one region, please choose a region where most of your team goes to college.
    If you are a start-up, choose the region where you live and work.
  2. We are not sure our idea fits into one of the BUILD themes. Should we still apply?
    Answer: Yes! We encourage you to apply. Applying is simple and we are looking for teams that are passionate about solving real-life problems. Problems that can be solved in innovative ways that may be related to one of our themes.
  3. What are you looking for in our application?
    We are interested in two things – What problem are you trying to solve and how? Why should we work with your team?
    Since we will process a large number of applications here are some tips to make your application stand out: respect word limits, be clear and concise, dispense with marketing speak and instead sell how well you understand the problem, tell us why you picked this problem, tell us what needs to be done to solve the problem, tell us one or two things that make your team members stand out and tell us what motivates you to solve the problem.
    Don’t worry about how unique your idea is – we are interested more in your approach to solving a problem and are open to working with teams who are trying to solve the same problem or develop the same idea.
  4. Can we include links with our application?
    Answer: Sure. Links to videos or demo websites are welcome. But please don’t link to a website just to get more space to answer the questions – this may count against you.
  5. Are there any course fees?
    Answer: No. Application is free of cost and there are no fees that will be charged for the BUILD course work. We will arrange for limited travel for teams selected for the workshop but you may have to pay for day to day expenses.
  6. We are a startup but are not sure if we qualify for applying. Should we apply?
    We are looking to work with pre-seed / early-stage startups to develop their business skills. Typically, such startups are in conceptual stage and have no funding, no revenue, no Minimum Viable Product (or only the outlines of one) and not much customer validation.
  7. If selected, what can I expect in terms of help for my team or startup?
    If your team is selected, we offer learning opportunities and a chance to connect with experienced professionals in the Indian entrepreneurial ecosystem. We will provide you with learning resources to help you refine your business proposition and sharpen your investor pitches. We offer a chance for you to compete with your peers.
    We don’t offer a guaranteed number of winners nationally and we don’t offer any funding. However, if your team is good enough, you will have a chance to win INR 10,00,000 in prize money that you are free to use as your team decides.
  8. What is my time commitment for BUILD?
    Answer: The boot-camp will run for around 1 week (exact details may vary by region). You are expected to attend the full duration of the boot-camp in person. At the end of the boot-camp you will be invited to deliver your pitch to a jury in a process that may require a full day on-campus.
    If selected, some teams will travel to Bangalore for two-day immersion program at the Boeing Campus. You will also travel to Bangalore for one day to participate in Boeing Innovation Day for the final pitch competition at the Boeing campus in Bangalore.
    Beyond this, we expect that you will work on refining your pitches in your own time to compete effectively against your peers.
  9. We have more than one idea. Can we submit more than one application?
    Answer: No. We are looking to work with you, the team, and not on the idea itself. Submitting more than one application will not help you.
  10. Will I get a chance to work at Boeing or at our partner Incubators?
    Answer: No – BUILD is not associated with recruitment at Boeing or at any of our partners. However, BUILD offers you a chance to build your network and showcase you and your team’s passion, enthusiasm and business acumen.
  11. Are there more specific dates available for the events?
    Answer: Some of the dates will be specified as we get closer to the milestones. Refer to the timeline for the latest information.
  12. We have a great idea but are not technical. Can we still apply?
    Answer: Of course! We are looking to work with a diverse range of teams. But we do look for how well your team’s qualifications fit your idea.

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