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Insect Repellent and Antibacterial Textile developed from waste lignocellulosic biomass
System for making electro-conductive fabric
MOF Functional Textiles
Conductive and flexible fibers
Dynamic yarn pullout testing device
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Medical Devices
Mechanically stable drug eluting nanotubes for dental implants.
Orthopedic screw for easy recovery with minimal procedure
Shoulder implant
Microfluidic chip for improved and rapid testing of nucleic acid/Detection of pathogens
Software for diagnosis of cancer
Non-invasive handheld optical sensor for multi-analyte detection in saliva
Acellular artificial skin substitute for second degree burn
Heart attack Prediction System
Elbow Implant
Ranibizumab Ocular drug delivey system
Exoskeleton device for upper and lower limb rehabilitation
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Renewable/Alternative energy
Liquid hydrocarbons from plastic waste
Solar PV array fed water pumping system
Photovoltaic system to track the maximum power point for maximum power extraction and method thereof
Reconfigurable solar PV-battery supported small hydro based micro-grid
Electrochemical Preparation Method for Vanadium Electrolyte and its Application Thereof
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Integrated purification system for air and water
Antimicrobial formulation for porous and non-porous substrates/ Decontamination Spray for Fabric
Decontamination wipes
Air filters for filtration of airborne particles
An apparatus for removal of arsenic from water
Antimicrobial non-woven fabric for safe water filteration
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IoT based person identification system using footfall signature
Method of scheduling of tasks in an IOT network
A RETROFITTED Smart Energy Metering Device
Smart appliances control device for a building energy management system
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Stabilization of biotherapeuticas at high temperature
Pegylation to enhance pharmacokinetic properties of proteins
Development of Ranibizumab Biosimilar
Development of Trastuzumab Biosimilar
A medicament for the treatment of diseases by biofilm forming microorganism
A 3D bioprinted scar tissue model ….Read More

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